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Starter Paragraph Punch provides sixteen guided writing prompts. Each unit concentrates on a specific type of paragraph - based on reasons, details, example, cause and effects, or sequence. Here are the topics of each writing prompt:

Unit 1: Details

  • Our imagination can take us to far-away places. Humans often wonder about life in outer space. Imagine that you have discovered a new planet. Write about the creatures that live on this planet.
  • Everybody has an opinion about the weather they prefer. Write a paragraph about the weather you enjoy most.
  • You and your family have just entered a fantastic restaurant. There is no menu there because they can make anything you want, and everything they cook is delicious. Describe what you would order.
  • You have seen superheroes on television, in movies and in comic books. They have powers and abilities that are amazing. Think about your idea of a superhero and create your own.

Unit 2: Reasons

  • Write about a character you remember well from a book you have read. It could be from a biography (the life of a real person) or from fiction (a made-up story).
  • There are many places where you spend your time. Think about a favorite place where you feel comfortable. Write about why you enjoy being there so much.
  • In your life you have many people whom you know well and with whom you enjoy spending time. Think about someone who is important to you and write about that person.
  • What animal do you like to visit most at the zoo? Tell why you chose it.

Unit 3: Sequence

  • Planning a party can be fun, but it requires a lot of hard work. You have been asked to plan a Halloween party for your class at your school. You have six weeks to prepare for it.
    Tell how you would organize it.
  • You want to buy a birthday present for a friend. Describe how you will go about doing this.
  • Bake sales raise money for good causes. Your school is having a bake sale and you are going to make a special dessert. Describe the steps you take to prepare this treat.
  • Everyone has lost something and then found it. Write about something you lost and then found.

Unit 4: Example

  • In a book there are many different parts to the story. When you read, you meet people, see different places, perhaps travel to a different time period. Choose a book that you enjoyed reading and write about it.
  • When you travel you can learn many things. Write about a trip that you took to a nearby place or to a far-away place. Tell what you learned on this trip.
  • Many of us have ideas for inventions that could make our lives easier. Maybe you have thought about such an invention. Use your imagination to describe something that you would like to invent.
  • There are great days that we remember. It is fun to look back on these days and think about what made a certain day so wonderful. Write about a great day that you had.
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